Thai Woven Pens

A Student Workmanship Project to be  source  of (Thai Woven  Pens) sponsored by Woven Bamboo Club at   Pungtuipattanasuksa  Amphur Namphong  Khon Kaen  Province is doing Weaving  Bamboo Project“Lai Thai Pens” Students are  adding more value  to  the pens  by weaving  the bamboo around  the pens. This  project is becoming  a very  good learning project for students.

The Weaving of  Bamboo  has been  around  Thai people  for a long time.  The Woven Bamboo Club has brought local knowledge to life. Weaving bamboo   Around the pens make the exquisite gift of Thai craftsmanship. .

Thai Woven Pens  are good for personal use, and also suitable for gifs. .  They are one of the most  personalized gifts with  its own distinctive look. This gift gives a good impression to anyone who receive.

Pen 001 ฿ 399.00

  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Out of ink can change the pen cartridge.
  • A Sharp Pen nibs, intensive, clear , comes in two colors, black and blue
  • Exchangeable nibs , Thai Woven Pens are  durable for at least 3 years with no  faded colors.
  • They can be personalized with names or any words as your choice with the cost of ฿10 per alphabet,  no extra charge for Thai vowels.

–     Thai Woven  Pens  come with free gift box.   Best gift for any occasions.

  • You can choose any colors and any  styles available.

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